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Buying a vehicle​

Can used cars be leased?


We're afraid not. All of the used cars on our forecourt must be financed​ through PCP or purchased outright.

Can I get warranty with my used car?


We give you three months warranty for free when you buy the car and it's up to you whether you want to buy an extended warranty which we can supply.

Does the car have a Service history?


As it is a used car, this is out of our hands. However, if the previous owners had the car serviced, then we will of course provide its service history​.

Can used cars be financed?


Absolutely, you can take out a Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) finance deal for any of our used cars​.

Does the car have a current MOT?


We don't allow any of our cars to leave without having a valid MOT certificate.

Can I buy a used car without a deposit?


In order to take a car off sale, we require a £500 deposit. However, if you turn up on the day and want to take a car that's available, you can buy it outright.

Which used cars have the cheapest insurance?


There isn't a simple answer to this because there are a lot of factors that determine the price you pay for insurance including the driver's age, driving records, vehicle engine size and even the driver's address. Typically, cars in the Group 1 insurance bracket such as the Vauxhall Corsa, Nissan Micra and Peugeot 108, are the cheapest to insure. It is probably best to carry out your own research to get an idea of the costs you could expect to pay.