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Used Car Finance in Epsom, Surrey

Bargain Buys – part of the Wilsons Group – offers an array of finance packages to help spread the cost of your vehicle and related products and services over time.

Financing through a dealership gives you access to more generous terms than a general personal loan from another institution would. We also work closely with you to arrange a solution that fits in with your budget and priorities.

We have a team of experienced professionals on hand to offer impartial advice that you can rely on. There’s no jargon here – we make the terms clear, and make recommendations based on your circumstances. 

Hire Purchase

If you have a lump sum to use as a deposit, this could be the best option, as this will be deducted from the total cost of the vehicle. You then pay off the remaining cost over the next 12 to months, and at the end of the agreement you will own the car outright.

Personal Contact Purchase

This allows you to defer much of the cost of buying a car. You can select your deposit amount, the repayment term length (usually between 18 and 42 months), and select an annual mileage allowance. Based on this, a “Guaranteed Minimum Future Value” is calculated and then, when your agreement ends, you can either pay off the remaining value and own the car in full, or return it to Bargain Buys with no further obligation.

Find out more

To learn more about your finance options at Bargain Buys, get in touch with us today. Make an enquiry online, pick up the phone, or visit us in person at our Epsom showroom.